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I write about interdisciplinary things, compressed ideas, and emergent affairs.

I don't write half of what I think half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of what I write half as well as it deserves.


Minimal Knowledge DevTools

The unlock of devtools that enable developers to know less in order to do more

Easy Science ML

The superpowers easy science ML products give non-technical users

Moddable Markets

The superior supply dynamics of moddable markets

Adaptation States

Why you can't optimize your way to something new

Knowledge Compression

The role of compression in knowledge transfer

Skill Diffusion

How new skills move into and spread across professions

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Pedestrian Explanations

Charlatans want you to be impressed. Real thinkers want you to understand.

Forward Neutral

Bet on those willing to go backward to go forward, not those who insist on only going forward to go forward

Potential Acceleration

Potential is when you can accelerate faster than your environment can

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